Advanced Data Model in Salesforce

Advanced Data Model in Salesforce

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Advanced Data Model in Salesforce is related to external Ids, external relationships and hierarchical relationships. As we reviewed in the previous post Data Model in Salesforce, Data Model is a collection of objects related each other to represent our data in the Salesforce Database. Now we are going to see more advance information about this subject.

External IDs

  • Fields that contain a unique identifier from a system outside of Salesforce.
  • Created with the Unique ID setting. That way, External Id values are unique to each record inside Salesforce.
  • Limit can be up to 25 External ID fields on an object.
  • The field type must be number, text or email.
  • Are searchable in Salesforce.

External Relationships

External Lookup

  • Allows linking a Salesforce object with a parent external object.
  • It’s used to allows referencing data outside of the Salesforce organization.
  • External object field values come from an external data source.

Indirect Lookup

  • Links a child external object with a parent standard or custom object from Salesforce.
  • Needs a custom unique external ID field on the parent object.
  • The external column name and a unique external id field are used for matching and associating the records.

Implications of External and Indirect Lookup Relationships

  • External and Indirect lookup relationships are available for external objects.
  • Related list of child external objects could be impacted if the external systems availability is impacted.
  • Lookup searches are not available for both lookups.
  • Cross-filters are not supported in reports.

Hierarchical Relationships

  • Can be defined on the User object to allow relating one user to another.
  • For example, you can create a user related to their boss’ user with hierarchical relationship.

More Information of Advanced Data Model

If you miss the post about Data Model in Salesforce you can go there clicking here.

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