The Navigation Review for Associates

The “Navigation” Review for Associates (2/4)

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Navigation is the second section of the Salesforce Associate exam. Today, we are going to review the main concepts to help you do reviews before the Associate certification.

This section of the exam is divided into two subsections:

  1. Given a scenario, identify how a user can locate and access necessary information.
  2. Given a scenario, identify where Salesforce customization takes place.

This section covers 28% of the exam, which means you’ll expect to receive around 11 questions about this subject.

This article has been written in question-answer format. I’ll recommend you include these concepts on flashcards and review them constantly.

Navigation Part 1: Given a scenario, identify how a user can locate and access necessary information

5 key terms of User Settings?

  • Usernames: Formatted as email addresses and unique for all organizations.
  • User Licenses: Features from Salesforce that a user can access. 
  • Profiles: Profiles determine what users can do in Salesforce.
  • Roles: Roles determine what users can see in Salesforce based on where they are located in the role hierarchy.
  • Alias: Short name to identify the user on list pages, reports, or other places

How many multiple users can we create at a time?

Up to 10 users at a time.

Two types of Data Security that Salesforce provides?

  • Sharing model: It makes it easy to assign different data sets to different sets of users.
  • Security Controls: access at the level of the organization, objects, fields, or individual records.

4 types of Sharing Model?

  • Private: Only the record owner and users above can edit, view and report those records.
  • Public Read Only: All users can view and report records but not edit them. Only users above can edit.
  • Public Read/Write: All users can view, edit and report all records.
  • Controlled by Parent: A user can view, edit or delete a record based on whether he or she can perform that same action on the record associated with it.

4 levels to configure the Security Control in Salesforce?

  • Organization.
  • Objects.
  • Fields.
  • Records.

How to handle Objects access data?

Using Permission sets we can handle groups of users from create, view, edit and delete any records of an object.

How to handle Fields access data?

Using Field-level security we can restrict access to certain fields, even if the user has access to the object.

4 ways to handle Record access data?

  • Organization-wide defaults: Default level of access to records. 
  • Role Hierarchies: To give access to records by hierarchy
  • Sharing Rules: To make automatic exceptions to organization-wide defaults for a particular group of users
  • Manual Sharing: To share particular records with other users. Are not default

When to use Sharing Rules? 

To give access to punctual users who usually don’t have access to those records.

When should I use Manual Sharing?

Use it in some situations like when someone goes on vacation and needs to delegate the roles to other people.

Navigation Part 2: Given a scenario, identify where Salesforce customization takes place

What is a Tab?

Initial view point to create, edit and view information about an object.

What is Global Search?

Search more records and fields in Salesforce from the header search box. Global search keeps track of which objects you use and how often you use them, and arranges the search results accordingly

What is the Setup?

Is the section to configure Salesforce.

What is a Related List?

Is a list of related child records shown in the parent layout.

What is the App Launcher?

Is the place where all the Salesforce applications are located.

What is the Recycle Bin?

A section of Salesforce to view and restore records.

Notes Gattered from Simulation Exams

How do I add an app to the tab? 

Go to the navigation bar by clicking the pencil icon.

Two options for Default Activities View? 

  • Related Lists
  • Activity Timeline.

Which 2 display settings exist?

  • Comfy: More spacious extra space between page & labels top.
  • Compact: Condensed view with less space.

Where can we create an email signature? 

In my Email Settings

How do I share a list view with several users that do not share a role or profile? 

Using a Public Group

When to use sharing rules?

To allow greater access for a particular user.

Where can I see an additional field in a custom list view you created?

Select fields to display.

Where can I create a new list view?

Object Tab

How do I make it easy to access a Report in Salesforce?

Using the favorite tool

How do I list records & navigate as needed without navigating away?

Using the split view.

3 access levels you can grant to Reports & Dashboard folders?

  • Viewer
  • Editor
  • Manager

Where do I configure BBC options and email options in Salesforce? 

Email Settings

How do I change the “default list view” of an object tab?

Use “pin”

If you are not familiar with some concepts, I’ll recommend you search for more information in the references.

More Information:

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