Roll-up summary fields in Salesforce

Roll-Up Summary Field in Salesforce

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Roll-up Summary Field is a type of custom field on the parent record in master-detail relationships. In addition, use it to display calculations based on the child records related to the master. The functions that can be done with roll-up fields are: Count, Sum, Min and Max.

Details of Roll-Up Summary Field

  • Can only be created on the master object in a master-detail relationship.
  • Create them on specific standard relationships, such as Opportunity-Product and Account-Opportunity.
  • Also, there is a max limitation of 25 roll-up fields per object.
  • Not available neither on lookup relationships or formula fields.
  • In addition, use them in custom fields to page layouts, views or reports.
  • Calculate the Sum, Min, Max value or Record Count of a field.


  • Are read-only fields that calculate summary data without code.
  • Number, currency and percent fields are available for the SUM calculations.
  • Number, currency, percent, date, date/time fields are available for MIN or MAX calculations.
  • COUNT simply displays a record count.
  • In addition, can include a filter criteria.

Implications of Roll-Up Summary Field

  • If there is a roll-up summary field in master-detail, it can’t be converted into a lookup relationship.
  • Also, roll-up fields are not available for mapping lead fields of converted leads.
  • Can’t summarize Autonumber fields in this type of fields.
  • It’s not possible to use a roll-up field as the Error Location field in a validation rule.

For More Information

If you want to learn more about this subject, here are some recomendations: Data Model & Formula Fields in Salesforce.

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